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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hornil Style Pix Portable

Hornil Style Pix
Hornil Style Pix Portable | 4.4MB
Hornil Style Pix is a free image editor for Windows operating systems. Graphic Style Editor Hornil Pix can be an excellent alternative as PhotoShop image editor. In addition, Hornil Style Pix allows you to work with multiple images. Style Hornil free Pix you can find a variety of graphic filters in the program.

Save time with intuitive User Interface 
Having an intuitive user interface. It is designed to fit easily and comfortable features. If you have no experience, you can learn how to edit image and retouching photos. Hornil StylePix intuitive UI reduces your time to work.

Portable Support
Portable version running from a storage device such as USB flash drive, flash card, or floppy disk. To install Hornil StylePix Portable, just download the portable package and then extract. To start Hornil StylePix Portable, just double click the file StylePix.exe on your portable dirve.

Built-in browser and slide show
Provides built-in browser that allows you to easily discover the image before opening the image. You also can open, copy, delete, and rename images or directories. In addition, the built-in browser supports font browsing. Then, you can explore the font and drag and drop the characters onto the canvas to add a new font object. And you can watch a slide show of images that display a series of images are selected is currently working on the road with full-screen mode.

Comfortable work environment
Working with multiple files MDI (Multiple document interface) tab container and canvas. MDI supports cascade, tile vertically, horizontally tile and adjust the settings icon.

Multi-layer and clustering support
Layers are used to separate different objects of the canvas. Stacked in layers like other transparency. Each layer can have different objects. Hornil supports four types of objects (images, text, and shapes the way) and object groups. Group object contains other objects.

Crop tool
Used to cut or clip the image. It works on all layers of images, visible and invisible.

Batch Processing
Useful for processing of repetitive tasks such as changing the size or type of image file.

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