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Monday, April 27, 2015

E-books Sass for Web Designers

Dan Cederholm | Sass for Web Designers
English | 2013 | 97 Pages | ISBN: 193755712X | PDF | 1.5MB

Compiled languages evolve, and we use it to make a web browser that can digest languages such as HTML, CSS, and javascript. CSS is the main concern needs to create a website interface. HTML is generally produced through the backend code and templates that provide abstractions that we need. As a programming language, javascript already have the tools of abstraction. CSS has no abstraction at all and very repetitive. While simplicity is the key to adoption. Now here we will discuss the CSS to level up.

In this book we will learn Sass, who have all the tools we need abstraction. Recurring value into a variable. Repeating group style became widespread. Rulesets complex and prefix becomes join. With CSS elaboration managed and maintained on any scale.

By the time you finish this book and try Sass on your first project, you will be the master of 95% of that important, really a plus for you. Learn that Sass does not make your job harder, but it will be easier.

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