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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Topaz Remask 5.0.0 Incl. Serial

Topaz Remask 5.0.0 Incl. Serial
Topaz Remask 5.0.0 Incl. Serial | 45.6MB
Topaz Remask 5 have the ability to select objects and background cutout providing greater flexibility for post-processing workflow - making editing important as the replacement background, selective adjustments, reposition and multi-layer composition easy.

With Topaz ReMask you can quickly and easily choose the part of your image. Like a pair of scissors digital, this is allowing you to define the edges of the object and intuitive.

ReMask Highlights 
  • Color decontamination technology to help solve color bleed issues 
  • Better hair extraction technology
  • Refining Toolset for fine-tuning masks and foreground color
  • Ability to handle certain types of transparent objects
  • Color selection brushes for complex objects such as trees and veils
  • Ability to save and load tri-map and masks
  • Auto-create layer and auto-create mask options 
  • 2-screen or 4-screen viewing for mask accuracy
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