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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

MyBot v5.1.1 BOT Clash Of Clans Update

What is currently not (working perfectly) :
  • Training of troops, due to the new 'stacking of troops' the queue can build up in the barracks (archers, barbarians, then archers gain, as 3 separate troops).
  • Weak base detection, snow images have not been updated.
  • Missing Background mode support for Droid4x and MEmu.
  • Preferred emulators are Bluestacks and Bluestacks 2.

We appreciate your patience and support on these issues!

Required software :
Read this before installing the new bot :

Fixed :
  • Fixed a log bug where the log files were not properly closed and the attack log contained parts of the normal log.
  • Fixed a subscript error that occurs when the bot starts and the village has no trained troops in army camps.

Change Log 5.1:

Added :
  • Added MEmu 2.2.1 support
  • Added check and log message if user has renamed program
  • Added Grand Warden to available heroes for drop trophy
  • Added Chinese, French, and Russian GUI translations (@user provided)
  • Added Spell Donations, Poison, Earthquake and Haste available to donate
  • Added Minimum resource settings and delayed start features in TH Snipe combo settings
  • Add user adjustable setting for minimum troops required when attacking dead base enabled during trophy drop
  • Add ability to choose which collectors to include in dead base checking
  • Add new accelerator key: Esc will stop the bot, but only when the bot is the active window
  • Add ability to make custom scripted attacks with CSV files. 4 finger barch (with smart attack) and GiBarch included algorithms.
Improved :
  • Change Drop Trophy behavior - checks trophy level and adjusts before every attack
  • Change minimum troop requirement for drop trophy to start, now needs only 5 spaces full or 1 Hero if enabled
  • Enable Unbreakable mode to use new PB information window (requires latest CoC APK)
  • Improve reliability of OCR reading "1" in donation page
  • Improved support for BlueStacks 2 and Droid4X
  • Improve Donate, combine Donating Troops to keywords with Donate All Spells (no keyword read) and vice versa
  • Improve Donate, removing the need for clanlevel check
  • Updated GUI language file handling, filenames are in English, displaynames are in native language name
  • Updated Spell Detection on ArmyOverView
Fixed :
  • Added Minimum resource settings and delayed start features in TH Snipe combo settings
  • Fix Dragon, Pekka, Hogs, Valkyrie, Witch images to enable Donate capability
  • Fix wait time to work properly in TH Attack CSV code
  • Fix King Upgrade and building upgrade features to use new upgrade button location
  • Fix resource collection opening base edit window
  • Fix Donate feature missing donation button at bottom of screen
  • Fix endless loop when dropping trophy after OOS restart
  • Fix Drop Trophy not staying in user set range during some conditions
  • Fix immediate attack without full army after drop trophy dead base attack due OOS condition
  • Fixed Grand Warden Upgrade cost check and log message
  • Fix Train Page loop error when user steals window focus and train page is not opened
  • Updated display check message now that MBR will properly resize BS for displays below 1400x900
  • Updated some previously missed location data in troop deployment for new 44x44 map and new BS size
  • Fix bot not attacking if shielded
  • Fix if surrender is not clicked due to not on Attack page, do not check for Okay button.
  • Fix buildup of debug files due to debugOCR enabled on Donate function.
  • Fix on TH Snipe CSV function gave an error when troop or delay values were identical.
  • Fix BlueStacks 1 shutdown routine that caused crash or freeze of bot under Windows 10 
  • Fix BlueStacks 2 in traditional "BlueStacks App Player" mode, add support for system bar 
  • Fix Pause-HotKey when multiple bots running is only available in first launched bot 
  • Fix Droid4X and MEmu multi instance support
  • Fix zoom-out for BlueStacks 2 that sometimes ignores arrow-down-key by falling back to Ctrl-MouseWheelDown 
  • Fix ADB return and home send key when Adb connection lost or Adb wasn't connected
  • Fix Open ClashOfClans not to force restart of app
  • Fix BS1 CoC restart when checking for CoC main screen
  • Fix Bot Restarting after 2 OoS
  • Fix Random Android Restart after Pressing Start Button
  • Fix missing log redraw when bot window restored
  • Fix randomly required additional click when structures are selected for upgrade
  • Fix missing upgrades due to resource flags stealing the structure selection
  • Fix Hide-Button executed after Stop-Button pressed when used while bot in run mode
  • Update/Fix ShareReplay feature to work with latest updates
  • Fix bot never resuming attacking after out of gold or out of elixir
  • Fix for misclick on Donate button when request was already filled
  • Fix to properly close file handles on log files
  • Fix Stop-Button not stopping some Android activities like start/restart CoC 
  • Fix Bot exit/close properly closing resources 
  • Fix bot continuing to train even if camps full when Halt Attack enabled    

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