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Saturday, January 30, 2016

RacoonBot 1.10.3 (Revision 1798) VIP/PREMIUM CRACKED

Karena Update Tanggal 26 Januari 2016 membuat beberapa BOT tidak work dengan baik, maka hari ini saya kembeli share Racoonbot Versi Premium yang sudah di cracked 

Kali ini admin bakal update salah satu bot favorit admin, yaitu Raccoonbot! tentu nya yang versi cracked yang mana unlock fitur VIP member  Yuk langsung saja download dari link di bawah.


  • Loot cart collection (sometimes only : still needs better detection)
  • Maintain trophy range module : faster, More Efficient Trophy Dropping
  • BETA: Milking Deploy Attack Strategy.
  • Fixed Personal Break Handling
  • Fixed and Improved Milking Mode
  • Fixed Boosting Barracks
  • Works with Newest Clash of Clans Update
  • Loot Cart Support - We have implemented Loot Cart Support to go with the newest update. This loot is collected and put into your Clan Castle treasury.
  • Maintain Trophy Range - Trophy range management has been revamped. The Trophy Range feature drops trophies to X trophies once Y trophies are met. You can configure this on the Misc. tab. Trophy dropping is also much more effective.
  • Custom Troops now reads troop levels!
  • Custom Troops only looks at active structures. Results in faster training times
  • Change to Attack Strategy selection for future update - Please only select one strategy for now.
  • One-side deploy now uses clan castle troops
  • Custom Troops now Pre-Trains troops
  • Increased PB waiting time
  • New way to trigger Warden Ability


  • Works with latest Clash of Clans update
  • Maintain trophy range uses Heroes


  • Attack API and DLL loading doesn't work as planned
  • Custom Troops still has bugs

Cara Pakai :

  1. Download dan Buka RacoonBot
  2. Masukan Username Dan Password asal-asal 
  3. Setting Bot Dan Start

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