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Friday, February 26, 2016

ClashBot & RaccoonBot [Rev.1843] [VIP/Premium] [23/02/16]

Info : Hi everyone, due to the increasing number of releases currently I will be maintaining the revision of ClashBot and RacconBot that is most up to date, for example RaccoonBot may be at revision 1698 and ClashBot only at 1665. This thread will contain all my updated, if anybody would like to create me a prettier thread template I welcome it.

Current Versions
[Updated 23 Feb]
ClashBot +
RaccoonBot +

Revision history :
02/23/2016 [rev 1843]
  • Works with BlueStacsk 2 (BlueStacks 1 still supported!)
  • Automatically Remove Obstacles - On the Build Queue tab you can now automatically upgrade.
  • Default Settings for Each Town Hall - You can now select recommended settings for your town hall in the bot. You can load these settings using this icon AXBy6IT.png in the top right hand corner of your bot.
  • Revision 1843 contains compared to Revision 1839 some minor fixes: It doesn't restart BlueStacks2 completely when you hit a personal break & fixed a bug happened with the MilkingAlgorithm

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